List Of DNS Addresses

**Last Updated February, 2018**

Hey Everyone, Below I have compiled all the DNS addresses I have into one big list.

(NOTE: I do not own any of these addresses, if for some reason I am requested to take them down I will comply.)

Warning: Use these DNS codes at your own risk, I am not responsible for any damages that may occur.

Please feel free to leave comments below on which ones are working for you. Remember I have tested some of them but not all of them.

 **Also if you comment saying it is working please specify which address worked for you!**


Note: Some devices may only ask for one DNS address, in that case just pick any one.

New Update!

Current List Of DNS Addresses or or



Have a working DNS Address that’s not listed here? Feel free to send us an e-mail and we will add it!

Poll (Has been updated):

This will allow everyone to vote on which common DNS addresses are working for them. You may select multiple addresses if you know more then one that is working for you.
If the one you are using is not listed you can select the last choice and enter your own, It will then show up as other. I will be able to all of the “other” answers and if I get enough of the same ones I will add it to my list and the poll. This will help get a better picture of which addresses are working and which are not. I will clear the poll every few months so it stays accurate.



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2,115 thoughts on “List Of DNS Addresses”

      1. Hi, I’ve a Samsung smart tv and none of the updated DNS codes will work for me. when I change my DNS my tv is connected to the wireless network but not to the Internet. Any suggestions? I’ve tried changing my tv to american but it didn’t help.

  1. I used the latest DNS and it seems to be working on my PS3 as I can browse the American Netflix. However, I cannot play anything US exclusive. I can play anything that appears in both from the US Netflix, and I can see where I left off in series/shows from when I was previously able to access American Netflix. It just tells me “This title is not available to watch instantly. Please try another title.” Any help would be greatly appreciated!\

  2. Thanks a lot,the combination you have confirmed on top works from my Norwegian account today! Thumbs up!

  3. If I didn’t make sense in past post, when I try to go on netflix it gives an error code and then my dns gets re-routed, maybe new codes are needed?. It will be much appreciated if you can shed light on this

  4. farg ya it works ive gone through so many diffrent dns #s thx! and for yall its july 25 and the ones at the top of the page work!!

  5. The latest codes only show sons of anarchy has changed the rest is the British one. It still doesn’t show csi-miami ect.

  6. At the top of the page, you might have a typo in the first DNS number – You’ve got “” but later in the email conversations the DNS number begins “190”, not “90”.

  7. Looks like a typo at the top as Buffalot pointed out. These are working for me on PS3

  8. Hi. I am in Ontario Canada. None of the DNS codes are working for me. Is there a DNS code specific to Netflix?

  9. Ihave the same problem that Snuda, I’m also in Ontario, I tried all the codes on the page and when I get an error I get candian content, not US. I’m using a PS3 and an ipad. Any ideas?

  10. Hey I also am in Ontario, Canada and none of the codes are working for me either. I am running netflix on a WDTV Live.

    1. PS. the code that I have been using since I set up the device is and I have tried most of the other codes in your list and none of them are working

      1. you have tried the latest ones? The one I put in red? I can confirm that is working on my WDTV in Toronto. Try shutting the device off and back on.

      2. Which one in red are you referring to?? I have tried all of the codes in the above post. I have shut down the unit a few times. Can you please tell me specifically which code you confirmed worked today on your WDTV live??

      3. I have been using that Primary since I originally set up the device and it will not allow me to use the secondary, it is changing the 111 to the letter b. How do I sign out of netflix on the WDTV live?

      4. It should be under the settings. You may need to reset your whole WD tv to do that just go to the settings and look for reset to default settings.

  11. Primary:

    Just tried these codes on my PS3 in western Canada and I’m still 100% Canadian content.

  12. Hi. I am using a WiFi device that I got from Wind. I have not had any problem before. I did recheck numbers. I did shut device off and then turned it back on. This time around using the numbers I am not able to get any connection to anything. At least previously the numbers let me connect to other things, i.e., You Tube and the weather. : )

  13. Latest DNS servers seem to work (Ontario). Went 2 whole days with Canadian Netflix again and couldn’t take it! Thanks so much!

  14. I have a Samsung smart tv! Im in saskatchewan Canada. I’ve tryed every code! Only the gets me to the US Netflix but then says unable to play on all the titles! Pleeeeaaasssee Help!! 😥

    1. Primary:
      those should work confirmed as well try logging out of netflix. to do that on a smart time follow these steps…..

      Open up the netflix app. Using the arrow buttons press up up down down left right left right up up up up. You should get the screen that pops up to deactivate your account from the smart tv. Then enter the dns settings and log back into your netflix account.

      1. The first number won’t even connect me to the Internet! The next number (secondary) again after your instructions gets me to the US Netflix but will not play any films.???

      2. Can I just make you aware though I’m only able to put one or the other number in! I can not put both numbers in at the same time! 😖

      3. Yes That’s fine some devices do not have the ability for a secondary. I will look into this and test it on a friends smart tv.

  15. Hi my question must be ridiculous but I’m in France and I own an Xbox 360, so I did some research and found that we can access netflix by changing the DNS.
    Do I have to suscribe too netflix first to see it on my xbox ? Because I tried too change the DNS with these:

    But it’s still the French content…

    Could I have some more explanations about how it works, what should I do, what could have been wrong ?

    Thank you
    (sry about my english btw)

    1. Hey, You will need to register for a Netflix account. Once you do that you can access American Netflix content. These DNS addresses will not give you a free Netflix Account.

      1. Yeah I know I used “tor” to access the netflix home page (coz “Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet.”) but am I normaly able too see any other American content other than netflix when changing the DNS ? Like News that are not french ones because I don’t see any changes at all. I also tried too change the settings of my xbox to : country USA, and : language english. But nothing changed.

        On netflix page it says that we can have a free month test, I dont won’t to buy anything if it’s working… obviously

        Thanks for your reply 🙂

  16. Hi do you have a working dns for ps3 in the UK, I have tried so many different codes in the last 2 weeks or so and it will not move from the f**king uk setup

  17. Hi! I used the latest code 190 14 36 90, 109 123 111 24 on a PS3 near London, ON. I’m still getting Canadian Netflix even after logging in and out. Even re installed Netflix. Do you have any other ideas?

      1. No, it’s only showing me “related to Sons of Anarchy” suggestions.
        American Netflix is working on our Wii, just having issues with the PS3…. Not sure what’s going on here.

      2. So I just deleted and reinstalled my Netflix and the US one did come up but I’m getting error code aip-703 and I can’t play any American titles.

  18. First code is working for me in Portsmouth, UK on Ps3.
    Before entering the codes I pressed Triangle on the Netflix icon in the Ps3 main menu, deleted, re-installed and updated it, when it asked to sign in to Netflix account I quit out to main menu and then entered the DNS codes:
    Primary: Secondary:
    Tested the connection and then it worked, the question is how long for…

    1. UPDATE:
      The codes didn’t actually work, they managed to show me the american Netflix but would play only programs and films that were both on US and UK versions. after restarting Netflix it had returned back to the UK version.

      1. UPDATE:
        Just did the same process again to see if i did anything wrong and i got the same outcome. Delete, Re-install and update Netflix, when it asks for account info quit back to Ps3 menu and enter first set of codes.
        Go back to Netflix and sign into account, It gives me all the US shows but comes up with error code aip-703 (This title is not available to watch instantly) when I click on anything from the US version.
        After quitting back to the Ps3 menu and returning to Netflix it has gone back to the UK version.

      2. Hmm alright I am out of town for the weekend. When I get back I have a few friends in the UK who having it working I’ll confirm with them on what addresses they are using.

    2. I’ve done it again, and not installed the update from Netflix. This time I can see all the US content and can select it but it refuses to load and crashes on the loading screen every time forcing a Playstation restart. It seems the only way to view anything is to accept the update, but once you do it blocks all the US content. I’ve also tried restarting the Playstation In between the deleting and re-installing Netflix and that hasn’t helped. I Had it working with a code similar to the top one for months then the second the update come out I’ve been stuck with the British one.

  19. Tried the code but wierdest thing happens. I’m able to browse at the US content on Netflix but not play them. When I log out and log back in Netflix logs is Canadian account! I’m on PS3 in quebec.

  20. Just wanted to confirm that these ip addresses are working for me on my android phone connected by wifi to shaw cable in BC:


    American netflix is so much better than Canadian. Thanks!

  21. ok so for PS3 this is what i did. i changed the DSN address above, then checked my network connection. Once that was verified, i then deleted Netflicks from my PS3. Then i restarted my PS3. Reinstalled Netflicks and logged in with my Canadian Netflicks account.

    Everything worked fine and i can access all the content. Area-Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  22. I tried several of the DNS listed and could not get US netflix until I RESTARTED my Apple TV which is located in setting – general at the bottom – then it worked great

      1. not working for me either, located in japan 😦

        works for other devices, tried deleting netflix data, deleting the netflix app, re-downloading netflix and power cycling the ps3

  23. Hey thanks for posting all of these. Unfortunately, Im using netflix with my laptop through hdmi. From reading the posts, Im assuming you dont have a dns that works through a laptop. Ill bookmark your page, maybe soon, you’ll find one I can use. Waiting anxiously!

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