List of DNS Addresses (Updated Jan 6th, 2014)

Hey everybody,

Not even a full week into 2014 and DroidKid has already seen over 25,000 views this month! Also Droidkid Has hit 600,00 Total Views, I want to thank everyone for their tremendous support!

As promised I have cleaned up and updated the List Of DNS Addresses webpage. I have also added a few new features! You will notice a Updatedweb poll has been added, this will allow users to “vote” on which DNS addresses are working for them. If everyone begins to participate in this poll we will be able to get a more accurate look on which addresses are working and which are not. If an addresses is working for you and it is not listed in the poll you can simply select the last option and type it in yourself, also users will also be able to select multiple addresses that are working for them.

Another feature added is the rating system this will give all users the ability to rate posts, pages, and other users comments. This feedback will not only benefit me but everyone else using the site as well.

You will also noticed a how to get American Netflix button on the left side, this will also take you back to the “List of DNS Addresses” Webpage.

Head on over to the List Of DNS Addresses web page to see the updates. Also don’t forget to vote!

– DroidKid

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  1. Need us DNs codes for Thunder Bay Ontario I will pay if you want

  2. Capt G

     /  February 13, 2015

    Working for US Netflix in Toronto Canada on Samsung TV via VPN in Sweden. Can get any better than that.


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