List Of DNS Addresses

**Last Updated February, 2018**

Hey Everyone, Below I have compiled all the DNS addresses I have into one big list.

(NOTE: I do not own any of these addresses, if for some reason I am requested to take them down I will comply.)

Warning: Use these DNS codes at your own risk, I am not responsible for any damages that may occur.

Please feel free to leave comments below on which ones are working for you. Remember I have tested some of them but not all of them.

 **Also if you comment saying it is working please specify which address worked for you!**


Note: Some devices may only ask for one DNS address, in that case just pick any one.

New Update!

Current List Of DNS Addresses or or



Have a working DNS Address that’s not listed here? Feel free to send us an e-mail and we will add it!

Poll (Has been updated):

This will allow everyone to vote on which common DNS addresses are working for them. You may select multiple addresses if you know more then one that is working for you.
If the one you are using is not listed you can select the last choice and enter your own, It will then show up as other. I will be able to all of the “other” answers and if I get enough of the same ones I will add it to my list and the poll. This will help get a better picture of which addresses are working and which are not. I will clear the poll every few months so it stays accurate.



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2,115 thoughts on “List Of DNS Addresses”

  1. Hey, do you have the new DNS codes? The ones you have are not working! I was told there were new ones from 4th Aug 2013! Please help!! Canadian Netflix sucks!!

  2. Worked today in sask, canada. The dns settings kicked me off xbox live today but retried a few hours later and they worked good.

  3. Worked aug 7th in sask, canada. The dns settings kicked me off xbox live today but retried a few hours later and they worked good.

  4. I also experienced problems on August 7. I followed the Netflix steps to resolve connection problems (resetting Netflix). I tried again today with the code at the top and it worked.

  5. The code on top give me access to the u.s. content but when i tried to stream it , i have the aip-703 error… i tried to log in an out and to reinstall the app, still doesn’t work. Somebody knows how to fix this??? Thanks

      1. I’m having the same issue, was working up until the 18th, getting the aip-703 error. I’ve tried various steps of removing/reinstall/resetting info/diff DNS numbers from around the web, the ones at the top allow me to get into the US menu, but streaming just gives me that error. Im with Bell Aliant, in PEI, Canada….the really weird thing is that my brother, also with Bell, lives next door, also on PS3, SAME DNS codes, hell I even tried using his log in….and his works and mine doesn’t, I just don’t get it!

      2. have you tried resetting your modem, leave your modem and router unplugged for a good minute then plug it back in. Let me know if that helps

      3. Ah just tried no such luck, still getting the AIP-703 code when i try to play content in American mode.

  6. I get to the us Netflix on my lg tv, but i get “the title is not available to watch instantly. Please try another title. On us content, can watch the Canadian

      1. I tried pretty much everything. Rebooted router, made a US netflix account. Weird this, that it works fine on my wife’s iPad. It’s almost like there’s something internally on the LG software blocking me.

    1. I have the same problem with my LG tv. It worked for the first few months on the US netflix then it just stopped and since then I’ve tried every single DNS code under the sun and not a single one works! I personally know people who use some of these codes and their hardware works. I think LG does have some sort of block because I have literally spent hours trying out DNS codes and nothing has worked….

  7. Hi Droidkid 🙂 Thanks for the codes. Helped me catch up on a lot I have missed over the years. Unfortunately, it is not working anymore for me here in Ireland (Since the 25th of August). I tried the two lates you have on the top. They let me log into Netflix but still shows Irish content, which sucks! Any Word of Advise.

  8. Yooo


    Works in toronto Ontario

    Also was kicked off one of these today lol not wxcacy sure one of the forst 2 though

  9. I live in Toronto, Ontario. Im using a wireless PS3.

    I have tried Primary:, Secondary:
    Result – I cant log onto Netflix.

    Tried Primary, Secondary
    Result – aip-703 error

    I have tried Primary: Secondary:
    Result – seems to be working ?? Tried a TV show and a movie. no errors, FF working. no volume issues.

    Thank you for the codes!

  10. I tried the it works from a PC but not a device like WD TV. I reset the device to factory defaults and still no go. Wont connect to netflix. On a laptop I can connect using the same network and get the US netflix. I am in Niagara Falls Ontario

  11. I can get on the American Netflix with the second code you listed above but I get the error code aip-701 when I try to stream any show. this is the only code that will let me get this far but I still can’t watch anything! Any ideas? I’m using a smart TV & I’ve already tried unplugging my internet & tv & rebooting everything. Still no luck 😦

      1. Wow that is really strange maybe try signing out of Netflix on your TV? Is it a Samsung is so there is a special remote combination you need to press to reset Netflix

      2. It’s a sharp smart tv. I deactivated it from Netflix with the up up down down method. I’m not sure if there’s a way to reset Netflix other than that.

  12. These codes are working in Alberta as of September 8,,, Primary: Secondary:….Had to sign in then delete my netflix. Turn off the Ps3 restart and place these numbers. Watching Sons of Anarchy now.

  13. Have been using the second set of codes listed at the top for a few weeks, but now neither works. any updates? My device is an OPPO Bluray player. Thanks! I’m in Ontario.

      1. tried both i can see that i am in Netflix US as i can see sons of anarchy but when i play get an error saying that i am not able to stream that instantly. aip-703 error Using a Sony Bluray

  14. I am in Ontario, and Primary: Secondary: worked for me on my X-Box 360 thanks alot the last numbers i used only worked for two days (i did not get them from here)

  15. I have been trying to get the american Netflix all day and no dns codes are working.. Tried my iPhone, iPad, ps3 none will work.. Only get the Canadian Netflix..

  16. Hey, I’ve had American Netflix before and recently kicked me out off the ps3. Now that iam trying to use different dns codes and I swear I’ve tried them all! My problem is that in the Internet connection test, it times out an cannot obtain the IP address. so im left with no internet…..I’ve tried following YouTube tutorials but I’m not doing anything different than they are. I can use the easy connection and connect to the Internet and receive Canadian Netflix. Any idea what’s going on?

  17. Does it matter which Internet provider I am using? I’ve never been able to access the american netflix. But it seems to work for everyone else. Any ideas?

  18. none of these are working for me anymore, in ontario Canada on my Xbox 360. it allows me to sign into Xbox live but not into netflix

    1. No do not enter it into your router! This will cause all your devices connected to your user to use that dns address and may cause issues when trying to browser the Web. Just add the dns addresses tontine boxee

  19. still can’t make it work. I can see the sons of anarchy, but when i play it it says not available for instantly viewing. some error code AIP-703. using a sony bluray player. also powered down the router and the modem and still no luck. thoughts

    1. Both dns’ not working in Holland for ps3 either. First one connects to PSN but gives a netflix error. Second dns doesnt allow a connection to psn.

  20. Hi, I have a samsung smart tv. I’m in Saskatchewan Canada. All the codes you have are not working. Please can you help?? Natalie

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