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Tired of DNS Addresses Going Down? Paid Solution

Hi Everyone,

DroidKid will always offer free DNS Addresses however if you are tired of  having to change your DNS codes all the time here is a paid solution.

What is the difference between Free DNS Addresses VS a paid subscription?

  • DirectConnect allowing you to connect directly to the source which means nothing to slow down your connection         image-fastReliableServiceClock
  • 24/7 On-Demand Support
  • Profiles for different Countries (e.g One for UK Netflix one for US Netflix)
  • Supports 250+ Channels
  • Works with PC/Mac/Linux/Gaming Consoles/Mobile Devices without the need of remembering addresses.

UnoTelly will offer you a free 8 day trial. So if your tired of unreliable DNS codes try UnoTelly Today!

Click Here To Try It Today!


2 thoughts on “Tired of DNS Addresses Going Down? Paid Solution”

  1. Free VPNs/proxies never secure online activity. I am using Hide My IP, at such competitive cost ($2.95/mo) it secures my online activity, works on 5 devices, full access to all IPs in over 90 cities worldwide, and comes with complete secured Smart DNS Proxy service.

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