Enable Native Emoji Support on the Nexus 4 (Nexus 4.2 Devices)

Hey Guys,

I recently searched the forms and have noticed that some users were asking for extended Emoji support for Android. While this is currently a work in progress, so far this


feature has been successfully executed on the Google Nexus 4. Although the process might be streamlined onto other Nexus devices, I have currently only tested this on the

Nexus 4. I am also looking to see how this can be ported to other Android devices.
NOTE: This guide dose not require a custom ROM, Rooting or a third party SMS cleint.

There are a few set backs.

1. All emojis are black and white
2. I have found a few are missing. You will see in my screen shot. It is really only a few..
3. You need to quickly switch between keyboards (it is not as much of a pain as you think, follow the screen shots) I have gotten use to it quickly.


Step 1: Navigate to your devices settings page. and scroll down to Language & Input.


Step 2: Check the box beside iWnn IME then select the settings button be side Android Keyboard.
Note: you can keep your default keyboard set to the one you always use (Just like I have swift key set as default)


Step 3: select the Add-on dictionaries button


Step 4: Select the Emoji for English words button to install the Dictionary.


Step 5: As you can see below, I am using my regular Swift key keyboard and my iPhone friend has send me some Emoji’s from his iPhone (As you can see they are black and white).


Step 6: I will now send him some Emoji’s to do that you will need to swipe the notification bar down. and select choose input method

NOTE: A user by the name of Malcolm has pointed out that if you are using the stock android keyboard you can quickly switch between inputs by holding down the space bar. Thanks Malcolm! 


Step 7: You will need to select Emoji input (as you can see this can be annoying but you will get use to it, getting back to your regular keyboard is much quicker). see step 8.


Step 8: As you can see the Emoji Keyboard is up and you can see that there is different Emoji’s (you can scroll though the list for more). After you are done with putting them into your text you can simply hit cancel to return to your regular default keyboard without nay hassle.


You now have Emoji support working on your Nexus 4! as you can see below a few icons are missing when my friend sent me some from his iPhone. It is not really a big deal at least it works.


Thanks for checking out this Tutorial! Remember this is intended for the Nexus 4 (possibly Nexus devices) I am looking at how this can be implemented into non nexus devices. I will try and post a video for anyone who wants one shortly. If you have any question feel free to comment below or contact me directly  .


6 thoughts on “Enable Native Emoji Support on the Nexus 4 (Nexus 4.2 Devices)”

  1. On my N4 (just got it) I can hold down the space key for a second and it gives me the option to flip to the other keyboard. Easier than using the pull-down notifications.

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