Another batch of DNS Addresses! Enjoy!

Remember I don’t test them all, if you think one doesn’t work let me know! Enjoy!


9 thoughts on “Another batch of DNS Addresses! Enjoy!”

  1. the last one works for me on ps3. thanks a lot dude. if u keep updating like this will buy u a case of corona!!! 😀

  2. The third one from the bottom . Didn’t work at all on my ps3. Gonna keep trying!

  3. This might be a silly question but why do some only have one set of numbers? Don’t you need primary and secondary?

    1. Hey! you don’t necessarily need both, the primary is the one that is always used unless it fails then it will go to secondary. Some devices only have a primary.

      Good question btw!

  4. Thanks mate. I like to flip between the uk amd US versions. I think they should be the same across the board. I’d rather not resort to torrents for some of my shows when I get kicked off the us version really appreciate when I find good working codes. Thanks again 😀

  5. I can’t get any to work anymore. I had it up and running for months, it went down so I put a new code in. Worked fine for a month or so more and now I can’t seem to get any to work.

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